14 May 2007

Joe Wroblewski asks....

"What are the Cardinals going to do with their team for the rest of the year?"
Nothing. They're not going to make a move at the deadline. They're not going to have a firesale. They're not going to bring up the kids. They're going to do nothing. This could be a long two-year stretch.
"Where is Adam Dunn gonna sign after this year?"
The Reds should pick up his $13 million option for next year, but they could just as easily pay the $500K buyout & Dunn would then go to Texas... Maybe. I sure would like to see him on the Cardinals. Could you imagine the outfield defense with Dunn & Duncan? Hey, that kind of like Dumb & Dumber! Wow, I'm good..
Some note on baseball watching today:
  • Since El Presidente was starting tonight, I watched the Brewers - Phillies closely. That is, until Ned Yeast decided to pull D.B. after throwing just 70 pitches in the 6th inning. At the time he was pulled, there were runners on 1st & 3rd with one out & Utley at the plate. El Presidente, up to that point, was cruising, his only blemish a 2-run bomb to Burrell in the 4th. Now, I understand that so far this year, Bush has had real trouble past the 6th inning, but to pull him in the 6th? I'm glad the Brewers lost tonight. Serves them right if they want to jerk around the POTUS!
  • Fun to watch the Braves almost-comeback against the Nats, since watching the game sparked more discussion on who will be the Nationals' All-Star...
  • Watched some of Gorzo's start against the Marlins. He throws harder than I thought he did. Ugly dude, but should be a good one with Ian Snell. Too bad they're in... forget it.
  • Gil Meche is good, dude.
  • Great to see the Cubs blow a 4-run lead, especially with Marquis de Sade on the mound. I don't care if his ERA is 1.12 at the All-Star break; LaRussa is NOT putting him on the All-star team! Haha!
  • I got home from work as quickly as I could to catch the Cardinals - Dodgers game. I knew all of this, but Larry spells it out so well, it just made me more depressed about Applesauce & the rest of the Birds.. I guess JEd ripping them did something, as I turned on the computer to see them up 7 - 0 ! Of course, nothing again from Albert. The way I see it, he's swinging at pitches he used to take, especially breaking stuff low & away. That's fine, but he's trying to pull them instead of shooting them the other way. It's been this way for a month & 1/2 now. No change. Saw a stat during the wonderful Vin Scully broadcast that showed Pujols numbers from last year at this time. I'll leave it with the most bumming part: 2006 HR's on May 14th = 19. 2007 RBI's on May 14th = 19. Trade him. For Dan Haren again!
  • It's the top of the 9th & we're up by 5, so I'm going to bed.... sweet dreams, Applesauce.

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