21 May 2007

AAAS Update: Whither Dmitri?

What have I done? How could I forget? How short-sided of me?..
A little while ago, I talked about the AAAS, one of my favorite parts of the baseball season & I had mentioned that we, the baseball loving public, should vote Ronnie Belliard onto the all-star team, whatever whatever whatever...
Well, in my haste to name a worthy representative, I neglected possibly the greatest AAAS currently playing in the major leagues. A man so flawed & so colorful that he would absolutely dominate the all-star experience.............
You want to talk about an all-star experience? Crack & floozys for everyone! Oh boy. You know either Belliard or Dmirti would be a fantastic choice for this year, but we'd have to apparently write them in, so get to work! Who cares about Derrek Lee & Chase Utley? They're going to go regardless!
Let's get Belly & Dmitri there... now.
Here's the updated Nationals stats... Yeesh. They haven't gotten any better..
Hey, while we're talking about the all-star game, am I the only one who hopes that Biggio doesn't get some sort of honorary thing? I hate that guy... Berkman = Howard Roark; Biggio = Ellsworth Toohey...

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