15 June 2007

Non AAAS update.

You know what? I really don't even pay attention to the All-Star game that much. I don't have cable, so I don't watch the HR derby or anything like that. That game is usually not that great. I don't know. I guess I just like to see the right players recognized for how well they are playing, which sometimes happens & sometimes doesn't happen.
So, using the "dollar value" method for the HPRL, I'll list the players who should be starting for the AL & NL in San Fran next month. Since the league uses a buttload of different criteria, I think it's a pretty accurate judge of who is performing & why. These rankings, of course, will change by gametime, but I'll keep this updated until then. Here we go.
AL Catcher = Victor Martinez - Cleveland
NL Catcher = Russell Martin - Los Angeles

AL First Base = Kevin Youkilis - Boston
NL First Base = Prince Fielder - Milwaukee
AL Second Base = Placido Polanco - Detroit
NL Second Base = Chase Utley - Philadelphia
AL Third Base = Alex Rodriguez - New York
NL Third Base = David Wright - New York
AL Shortstop = Orlando Cabrera - Los Angeles
NL Shortstop = Jose Reyes - New York
AL Left Field = Carl Crawford - Tampa Bay
NL Left Field = Matt Holliday - Colorado
AL Center Field = Ichiro Suzuki - Seattle
NL Center Field = Eric Byrnes - Arizona
AL Right Field = Magglio Ordonez - Detroit
NL Right Field = Ken Griffey Jr. - Cinncinnati
There you have it. Now get out the vote!

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Throw us an update, man. I know you have no shortage of ass pics.